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When I found out my husband had been cheating on me, I felt like the ground had opened up beneath my feet. Suddenly it felt like anything I had believed in was unsure. After some reflection I realised that I had been blind about how badly our marriage had been going, and I can't live in that lie anymore. The only way through the darkness is to leave the lies and cheating behind and start over in my life, committed to honesty in all my relationships. This blog is all about my journey through separation and divorce into my new honest life.


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Finding a way through the darkness

Tips to Modify Your Alimony Arrangement

by Walter Porter

Alimony payments sometimes come as a result of divorce. This spousal support is typically paid out the by spouse that is earning more to ensure that their former spouse can maintain a semblance of the life that they had built together. There are various forms of spousal support. Some arrangements are temporary, which work to facilitate helping the spouse reach a goal such as graduating from school or finding employment. On the other hand, some alimony agreements are permanent, especially if the amount was already stipulated in a prenuptial agreement. However, some unfortunate circumstances cannot be foreseen. In the event you lose your job, you may not be able to keep up with your spousal support payments. Here are some tips to modify your spousal support arrangement after becoming unemployed.

Consult with a family lawyer

The first thing that you need to do when you become unemployed is set an appointment with a family law practitioner. The sooner you have a consultation with the family lawyer, the sooner a motion can be filed to modify or terminate your alimony arrangement. Keep in mind that as long as you are expected to pay your alimony payments, you will not be recused until a formal hearing is had. Therefore, you will be expected to keep paying the amount stipulated by divorce court until you have your modification hearing. That is why it would be prudent to have a family lawyer file a motion for you posthaste so that you only have to wait a short period of time to be seen by a judge.

Keep records of your unemployment and job hunt

When it comes to court proceedings, the more proof you have, the better for you. This is why it would be pertinent to keep any and all forms of evidence of your unemployment. Start off by safely keeping your termination or resignation papers from your former workplace. Additionally, you need to keep all documentation to prove that you are pursuing all avenues to get a new form of employment. This could include emails for interviews, rejection letters from companies you have applied to, and more. This will work to prove that you are not trying to dodge your alimony payments by choosing staying unemployed until the court has made their ruling.

Request to receive alimony from your former spouse

If you are unemployed, yet the spouse you were paying alimony to is gainfully employed, you may want to consider reversing the situation and applying for alimony from them! Opting to file a motion against your spouse is one of the avenues you can pursue to ensure your financial needs can be met while you are out of work. Depending on the judge's ruling, you may find that your initial alimony arrangement is nullified and you now become eligible to receive alimony instead!