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Finding a way through the darkness

When I found out my husband had been cheating on me, I felt like the ground had opened up beneath my feet. Suddenly it felt like anything I had believed in was unsure. After some reflection I realised that I had been blind about how badly our marriage had been going, and I can't live in that lie anymore. The only way through the darkness is to leave the lies and cheating behind and start over in my life, committed to honesty in all my relationships. This blog is all about my journey through separation and divorce into my new honest life.


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Finding a way through the darkness

Choosing the Right Family Lawyer

by Walter Porter

Getting the right family lawyer can be a daunting task, especially with the many law firms available across Australia. When dealing with a family case, it would be a wise move to hire an attorney who is practising family law to help you with your court proceedings. Your family lawyer will be obliged to perform other tasks, such as drafting legal documents.

A lawyer will significantly influence the direction your court case takes. This makes it crucial to get the right lawyer for your case. Family lawyers can specialise in divorce, paternity and adoption among other specialties. Choose a family lawyer whose specialty is related to your case. Below are other tips to help you find the right family lawyer.

Ask for Recommendations

If you do not mind sharing what you are going through, talk to your friends and family about your need for a family lawyer. These people could be a great source of reference, especially if they have ever been in the situation you are currently in. Ask them to recommend you to a reputable family attorney who is highly qualified and experienced.

In case you are dealing with divorce, talk to a friend or relative who has been through the same recently. Ask them about the lawyer who helped with their divorce process. Go ahead and ask how the services were, and if they could recommend you to that specific lawyer.

Set A Budget

Legal costs can affect your finances significantly, especially if you have a low income. Research to have an idea of how much you are likely to spend on hiring a family attorney. This will help you to come up with a budget.

You would get some financial assistance through legal aid, but there are requirements to be met. To reduce your budget, plan to spend as minimal time as possible with your lawyer; most attorneys charge hourly.

Interview Your Potential Family lawyer

After getting a few potential lawyers, start organising on how to meet them in person. The first meet up should not be for just chit-chatting as some attorneys will charge you even in your first meet up. Be sure to carry with you all the relevant information and paperwork.

Also, make sure that you get an attorney who resides within your locality. This is to avoid the lawyer charging you for their travel time. During the interview, access whether you are comfortable with the attorney and if they understand your case. Only hire a lawyer you are comfortable working with.